You probably already know that LinkedIn is a helpful way to build your professional network and connect with others. However, you may not know how valuable it can be as a marketing channel. With the right strategy, you can earn serious returns through your LinkedIn marketing efforts. These tips will help you to achieve just that.

1) Utilize Groups

LinkedIn Groups are powerful tools that should be used by any marketer on the platform. They are self-organizing groups of people with some shared characteristics or interests. Typically, they are people within the same industry, niche or job type. However, groups can exist for almost any purpose.

The platform limits the number of messages you can send. Plus, you want to be careful to avoid spamming your fellow members, otherwise, they may simply leave. However, you can leverage these groups to engage interested users in your message.

2) Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has some great tools for publishing content. Whether you create posts under your personal account or publish company status updates, you can create and distribute engaging content that will be relevant to your audience.

This is especially useful for B2B brands. People are often happy to share ideas that can be helpful to them in their professional lives. Leverage the power of content marketing on LinkedIn.

3) Share to Other Networks

When you publish things on LinkedIn, you can widen your scope by sharing on other social platforms. When relevant, use mentions in your Twitter and Facebook posts to tie in other brands and users. Again, don’t use this for spamming people. However, if there is someone relevant to mention, doing so will add value for your readers and increase your reach.

Social media marketing is about getting your message in front of as many of the right eyes as possible. If you have a large and relevant audience, you are doing well.

4) Create Showcase Pages

LinkedIn allows you to create showcase pages, offshoots of your main page intended for more targeted purposes. You may, for example, want to showcase a product. These are the perfect way to do that. Leveraging your showcase pages can help you to build out a more complete and professional presence on the platform.

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Delve into the world of LinkedIn marketing. You may be surprised by how much you can achieve on this network platform. It is helpful for a lot more than just connecting with people.