The latest trends in digital marketing allow you to get more out of your marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a way to grow your business or change up a marketing strategy that seems to be stalling, explore these trends and find out how you can step up your game to outpace the competition.

Artificial intelligence is all about reducing the time, energy and cost of routine tasks. You may be surprised at the quality of today’s AI programs and how you can use them to handle basic communications, personalized emails, e-commerce transactions and product recommendations. Whether it’s assisting you in filling out product information on your e-commerce store or handling many of your customer service inquiries, AI is a powerful and affordable tool to keep your marketing personalized and free up talented individuals to take on more demanding roles.

Modern marketing needs to be conversational. Today’s customers are looking for immediate communication from brands and wish to ask questions and receive answers in a more friendly, conversational way than in the past. Modern professionalism in marketing can involve customer service agents and chatbots working together to communicate and react in real time with customers.

Generic digital marketing messages aren’t working. As many as 90% of customers prefer a more personalized approach. Television, radio and billboard ads may require generalized messages directed at a large audience, but digital content can have a laser focus on your exact target customer. Create ads, emails and other marketing materials that are based on previous order history and other information to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Video is an important feature in future marketing strategies. Many customers prefer watching videos to reading pages of text. This form of advertising even surpasses images and other media, making it an in-demand way to reach out to your target audience in a personalized way. Invest in talented film teams to create branded how-to videos, clever advertisements and vlogs that engage with your audience base.

These are just a few ways that modern marketing is expected to change in the next few years or decade. Invest in quality AI services, video marketing and personalized, conversational strategies that connect your brand with your customers. Engaging digital marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require a large team of experts. Consider ways you can shake up your current model to improve your customer retention and draw in new customers.