Social media marketing is a must-do for every brand today. The fact is that your audience is interacting and engaging on social platforms. Even business-to-business brands can benefit. One of the great advantages of social media platforms is their advertising tools. Facebook has particularly effective tools for advertisers. Here’s how to use them to their greatest benefit:

1) Hyper-Focus Your Campaigns

Digital ads provide a unique ability to deliver different content to separate groups. Social media platforms take this to an extreme with all the data they have collected on users.

Start by segmenting the possible audience for your brand. Perhaps you sell a product that is useful to parents. You may be able to segment your audience by the age of the child, total number of children, education and other similar factors. While not every factor is available through Facebook marketing tools, you can often use proxies to help define audiences.

Using these audiences, create separate ads for each one. Well-educated parents having their first child may have different needs than those with less education and raising their third child. By targeting your ads, you can deliver the most persuasive message possible to buyers.

2) Plan the Entire Funnel

Facebook ads are possible, but they won’t convert a sale themselves. You will likely deliver your leads to a landing page. This landing page should match the ad that the user has just seen. For example, if your ad focused on price, that should be prominently displayed. If the ad emphasized a particular feature, that should be front and center.

Additionally, try to minimize the number of clicks needed to buy. Ideally, let the person begin the checkout process right from the landing page.

3) Hone Your Bidding Strategy

Your bidding strategy on any advertising platform is essential to your success. If you aren’t getting the right placements, you won’t be converting viewers into customers. However, you also don’t want to eat up your entire margin on your ad spend. Getting the right balance is essential to making your advertising campaign as effective as possible.

Get Started

One of the best things you can do to master Facebook marketing is to give it a try. Using A/B testing will small budgets at first is a great way to get better at using the platform. Additionally, it can help to get started with advice and guidance from a marketing consultant. Get started today.