When you want to create a bold and powerfully-visual website, it can be easy to fall victim to so many advanced design elements that your webpage inevitably becomes impossible to use. Therefore, it’s important to look at your business website objectively and decide what’s necessary to display before getting lost in the fun and creative portion that comes after. When you want to build a modern yet professional site that’s bound to attract visitors and drive consistent traffic to your brand, follow any of these basic web design techniques to create a respectable and unique website — preferably, one that isn’t inundated with colorful fluff and excessive features.

One of the most important design features of your page is the basic foundation of your layout. Choosing a standard layout might sound boring and overdone, but visitors are prone to enjoy basic layouts for familiarity’s sake, allowing them to navigate your website without any trouble. Since being user-friendly should be of top priority for your business page to decrease your bounce rate and appeal to the biggest audience, a simple yet effective layout design can do wonders. Meanwhile, minimizing your graphics is essential for streamlining your page’s load time, which is another major factor behind people immediately clicking away from your website. Inflated images and complex animations might sound great in theory, but unless they’re condensed to suitably fit your site layout, they’ll do nothing but slow your page’s performance and drive traffic away instead of welcoming it.

After you’ve optimized your site layout and essential features, the most crucial part of your web design is to focus on your viewers’ needs. Be sure to stick to easily-readable font families that the majority of readers recognize, such as Verdana, Helvetica or Arial. Again, these may seem overused, but they’re played out because they work, and you can adjust sizes and colors to make your text pop in a new and authentic way. Furthermore, while you certainly want to be advertising your product or service with advanced landing pages or pop-ups, be careful not to go overboard with the sales tactics. These days, consumers can see ads coming a mile away, and they’re far more likely to click away from your site for a similar competitor if you’re annoying them with endless advertisements. Be respectful to your viewers and keep ads both minimal and discreet, or avoid them altogether and provide useful, persuasive content instead.

Enhancing the visibility and performance of your website can easily be done by sticking to these timeless web design elements. While adding a touch of flair is crucial for standing out, providing an easy-to-navigate and visually-pleasing webpage is still the ideal option.