Content curation is the act of compiling information to support an idea in a new piece of content created by you. The content you curate can be from other people or it can be your own. The important part is that you are using this content in support of an idea orG view. When you create good content and include content curation, this will be beneficial to your SEO efforts. Here are some other tips for content curation.

1. Find Inspiration

Th best place to go in search of ideas that work is on social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, GrowthHackers, Slashdot and BuzzSumo. By looking at content that has already been created, you can see how successful the engagement was. If it was popular, go back and make it your own.

2. Target Your Audience

In order to write content that will engage your readers, you should know who they are. Your organized content should provide value, otherwise it will simply get passed over.

3. Aggregate Content

Content curation includes creating useful lists. The list should provide useful information, such as something that is trending, or the best of something in the area in which you’re an expert. It can even be a summary of the latest industry news. As long as you are providing your views it will be engaging content curation.

4. Surveys

Survey your audience and share those results. This is useful information that can be curated into content.

5. Simplify Information

Whether it comes from a database or research article, not everyone has the time or patience to go through this large sums of information. If you do and summarize it into an easy to follow bullet-point list, you’ve done a service for everyone.

6. Promote Your Content

Since videos typically get more engagement, create a video to support your content. If you can’t utilize videos, the next best thing is GIFs. Facebook ads are a great way to increase your exposure without breaking the bank. Facebook advertising is affordable and can help you target the right audience. Lastly, you must have a newsletter. A newsletter will keep you in the minds of your audience members.

6. Utilize Tools

Tools make your job easier and there are many of them out there. RSS feed managers help you keep track of what content is coming out, while Pinterest helps you track visual content. There are even newsletter tools, such as Nuzzel.

Utilizing these tips in your content curation will help you maximize exposure and create the best content for engagement.