Leads are important in business because they’re the driving force behind your business’s revenue and cash flow. You can’t grow if you don’t have a solid customer base and promising new leads. Where can you find the new customers you need to succeed? Paying attention to modern lead generation techniques can make a huge difference. Here are five awesome tips.

1. Use Virtual Assistant Companies

Virtual assistants can handle calls, telephone answering services or website contacts for you. Some assistants pop up when site visitors click on a page, offering help instantly. This allows you to deliver excellent customer service and maximize potential leads while still focusing on key areas of your business. A word to the wise — make sure to find a virtual assistant that has a great reputation. After all, you want a company that really boosts your brand reputation.

2. Employ Follow-Up Marketing

Maximize the benefits of existing customers by sending tweets or emails to stay in touch. Clients who have bought from you in the past are excellent prospects for continued purchases; sometimes they just need a gentle nudge. A helpful email is a great tool that offers an amazing return on investment, especially if you use it to announce sales on products that you know will interest-specific customers.

3. Capitalize on Online Advertising

Taking your advertising campaigns online gives your business huge benefits. After all, the number of local people who search online for products is enormous. How can you reach them on the right pages? This involves knowing your target market. Appearing on websites that potential customers visit frequently is a great technique for improving lead generation. For example, if you’re a general contractor, make sure your profile appears on sites such as Craigslist. If you sell air conditioning systems, an ad on this kind of site can appeal to people deciding whether or not to tackle a DIY project.

4. Invest in Smart Print Advertising

Depending on your business focus, print advertising can still be a great way to reach customers. For example, manufacturers and B2B companies can benefit from ads in respected trade journals. If you’re trying to sell a house or automobile, don’t underestimate the effect of “For Sale by Owner” signs.

5. Take Advantage of Email Marketing and Direct Mail Campaigns

Email marketing and direct mail are still around for two reasons: they work and they deliver excellent ROI. It doesn’t cost much to develop leads in this way. In fact, customers are surprisingly receptive to marketing emails that are written in a friendly tone.