If you want to run a successful business, you need to keep your sales pipeline business. With the right lead generation strategy, you can ensure that your salespeople are investing as much of their time in converting sales as possible. The following four tips will help you to bring in more high-quality leads.

1) Create a Quiz

Generating a lead is all about getting the potential customer’s information. More specifically, it is about getting them sufficiently engaged that they are willing to share their details. If a lead has no interest in your product, brand or solution, he or she is not a high-value lead.

Providing interactive touchpoints at each stage of the sales funnel is a great way to bring in leads. For example, you could create a quiz about a relevant subject matter. This can be just for fun. People love taking quizzes and showing off their knowledge. Another option is to use the quiz to pair leads with relevant solutions. These two styles of quizzes fit into different parts of the pipeline (awareness and interest, respectively).

2) Make a Product Video

Video has a high rate of conversion of viewers to leads. According to research, most people are visual learners. Additionally, many other people like to learn through audio. Therefore, video can create a valuable way to engage people in your brand and product message.

Typically, you will generate the most leads with high-value video focused on benefits for the audience. This doesn’t need to be an expensive production. Just focus your message on how you can help the viewer, rather than selling too hard.

3) Develop an Email Course

Another way to create content for your sales funnel is with an email education course. In this setup, people sign up to receive emails daily (or weekly, monthly etc.) from you. Each email includes new educational material. For example, if you have a brand that sells camping supplies, you could have a month-long review of the top camping spots – one per day.

4) Leverage LinkedIn

Social media marketing can be very valuable. However, many people skip over LinkedIn. Despite this, it has a higher lead conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you are publishing valuable content on this platform. Also, leverage the company and product promotional features.

Get Started

Use the above ideas to enhance your lead generation strategy. It is time to keep your sales team busy.